Australian Designed & Owned

Syndalia specialises in creating the perfect, high-end travel companion for mums. Syndalia nappy bags are designed to complement your gorgeous wardrobe while offering unparalleled practicality.


Syndalia was established by Sylvia Appla, now the proud mother of two, following the realisation that mothers around the world were very limited in their selection of fine wares when out and about with their babies. In 2007, when Sylvia had her first baby, she could not find a nappy bag that was both stylish and practical.

Sylvia found that the same excitement she had at the thought of heading out with her baby was equally matched by how daunted she felt to leave the house having forgot-ten something that her baby needed at home. It was from that concern that Sylvia purchased a selection of tote-type bags so that she could make her own nappy bags, incorporating all of the compartments that she felt she needed, along with ensuring that the integrity of her bag’s quality and style was maintained.


Was created by Sylvia's 4-year-old daughter when she was trying to pronounce ’Cinderella'.

Today, all of Syndalia's designer nappy bags have been thoughtfully created by Sylvia, while our team of in-house designers are responsible for the finishing touches and the manufacture of our high-quality, trend-setting accessories for mothers.


After creating many of her own ‘hybrid’ nappy bags, Sylvia decided to take her ideas to the next level and design and create her first collection of Syndalia nappy bags.

Each and every nappy bag that Sylvia has designed since these humble beginnings have been created to give stylish mums, the world over, the peace of mind that everything that they could need for their babies is catered for. To help mums get even more organised, Syndalia has created the Syndalia starter kit that comes with every new bag.